Consumers today don’t want to wait ten days or more to receive a new financial card, identification card or access card. With our Secure Issuance solution, delivered through our Custom Card System division, you can offer high quality and secure cards on the spot as a standalone service, or in conjunction with centrally based issuance.

Founded in 1960, Custom Card Systems is an innovator in providing fast turnaround of small quantities of high quality cards. As demand for this sort of solution grew, CCS expanded into the financial business, integrating card technology with other vendors to offer an end-to-end solution for secure instant issuance of debit, credit and pre-paid cards.

Secure Facilities

Our Visa® and MasterCard® certified facility can produce EMV enabled and dual interface cards as well as magstripe debit and credit cards . Our certified cloud based Trusted Service Manager (TSM) delivers performance, scalability, and redundancy to the complex multi-player NFC ecosystem – supporting multiple issuer applications across numerous mobile networks and devices through a common, and completely secure, service channel.

Unparalleled Card Design and Manufacturing

Our card design and production includes virtually unlimited solutions for ensuring your brand resonates in your cards, using high durability materials so that you can promote your brand and appeal to customers. A range of options for specialty treatments such as various card finishes and inks, foil stamping and more guarantee that your cards will be unique and manufactured with the utmost efforts around security.

Your magstripe and EMV financial cards can be produced centrally, or can be distributed through our Financial Instant Issuance option.

Highest Quality with Open Architecture

We use an open architecture so that we can integrate with virtually any core and EFT processor. A selection of software options and hardware modules allows you to put together an instant issuance platform that will meet your needs today and in the future. Our instant issuance systems are easy to set up and use, even by new operators, and offer unparalleled quality and reliability.

Wide Range of Products to Meet Your Needs

Our offering includes:

  • A selection of high quality dual-sided color card printers, all with a small footprint so that they can easily fit into your environment.
  • The ability to fully personalize magnetic stripe or EMV enabled cards, including the option to support both types of cards from a single device.
  • An extensive range of design templates and personalization options.
  • Interfaces with multiple core and EFT processors.
  • An intuitive and configurable interface so that data access and card creation is fast, easy and secure.
  • Standalone and networked configurable PIN devices.
  • Easy integration with other modules such embossing and other special treatments for specific industry needs.