September 15, 2021 – ABCorp Partners with core processor Corelation

Corelation Partners

ABCorp is proud to announce that we are now listed as a preferred partner of Corelation, a premier provider of core processing services to credit unions. ABCorp will also be able to provide an interface that is fully integrated into Corelation’s Keystone platform for core banking.  This full integration will make for a seamless and enhanced experience for the financial branch users

ABCorp is a go-to provider for FinTech services providing card and digital services including Financial instant issuance which enables in-field issuance, personalization and, soon to come, virtual card issuance through our Trusted Service Hub (TSH) of all card types all powered by ABCorp’s Evolve™ instant issuance platform.  Our card manufacturing facility provides card design & construction, packaging, and collateral; including eco-friendly materials, Omnichannel content – e g., virtual collateral, customer “prompts” via email and text/SMS, et al.  We also have an in-house software development team experienced in EMV profiles and scripts covering numerous chip technologies.